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Just like home or business, also your website needs support. When something breaks, you need to fix it. When the site becomes old, it needs to be updated. Serving a website can be a complex and time-consuming process, so why not ask the Web-icon for help? We offer web site maintenance, website security, application management, scanning and protection tools, training, advice and much more.

In addition to the very development of sites from scratch, we also provide reliable support for our customers.

Your site should work constantly, be securely protected, updated and don’t contain errors. If any part of these criteria is not met, then we come into act.

We can consult, plan and develop strategies. We can track uptime and performance. In addition, we optimize the speed of the site.

Our team of professionals will be able to help you in eliminating bugs, viruses and improving your site over time.

We work with you to protect your investments and improve them. We add new features, fix what's broken, and simplify administration.

Our mission is the security and performance of the website.

Why do people leave from some sites?

Slow loading time = high failure rates. Google actually calculates the time of loading your site in its algorithm of page ranking.

Do you think you are safe from hackers?

Anyone - absolutely any site can become an object for hackers. Visitors to your site can become victims of viruses, if the bot finds one weak point in the code of your site.

We can help you.

  • checkControl of job stability
  • checkPerformance testing
  • checkElimination of technical problems and errors
  • checkOptimizing download speed
  • checkSite development
  • checkCreate backups
  • checkProtection against attacks